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      sounds of our town

      hosted by Jumping Fences


      Welcome to the homepage of Foco Nuevo, the regular performance space for Jumping Fences, where we hold concerts with invited guest performers on the First Friday of every month.

      Our home base is Kurilpa Hall at 174 Boundary Street West End.

      Friday 1st – Saturday 2nd November, 2019

      Foco Nuevo in November features a two day focus on women singer-songwriters. We look forward to seeing you at one or all of the events!

      We're opening our weekend event with two wonderful musicians who we've enjoyed immensely at Foco previously; Shani Forrester and Wendy Murray.

      Doors Open 7pm, music starts 7.30pm

      Come and join our workshop with two outstanding musicians; Angela Toohey and Caroline Hammond sharing the finer points of singing and songwriting.

      4 –6pm, RSVP: sue@

      Angela, Caroline and the Voice of Spanish Speaking Women singing group will close our special Foco Nuevo in what is sure to be a great night.

      Doors Open 7pm, music starts 7.30pm


      Shani Forrester: Nurtured in the fertile soils of the Tweed Valley, songbird Shani Forrester has cultivated her own unique blend of music. Described by one reviewer as an artist ‘…whose unusual, versatile and pitch-perfect voice delivers professionalism and pure, refreshing joie de vivre across an eclectic mix of songs.’ Drawing inspiration from her folk roots in combination with various styles, this talented multi-instrumentalist breathes deep emotion into every song, playfully bridging genres spanning folk, jazz, blues, pop and world music. [Facebook site]

      Wendy Murray: Not easily categorised, her songs are influenced by her early years of exposure to Spanish dance, Latin American music, jazz, blues, folk, pop and Music theatre. Along with her appearances at the Brisbane Festival and Biennial Festival of Music local jazz clubs and festivals, she has performed internationally in Cuba, France, Germany, Italy, UK London, Wales, Ireland and Vanuatu. Wendy will be joined by long-time colleague Paul Henderson on guitar. [website]

      Jumping Fences plays a unique repertoire of original songs, inspired by the dynamic and diverse styles of Latin-American singer-songwriters. Revealing a sensitive and poetic insight into contemporary life, Sue Monk (guitar and vocals) and Lachlan Hurse (bass), supported by James Harper (drums) and Ross Gwyther (saxophone and clarinet) move confidently between tenderness and energy in performance. They have written for choirs and workplaces and have had two tours to Cuba in 2017 and 2018, most recently performing at the ‘Ella y Yo’ women's festival in Havana. [website]


      Singing with Angela Toohey
      Nationally renowned in Australia for her 20-year career in theatre and musical theatre, award-winning singer, songwriter and actor Angela Toohey has spent the last decade writing and performing her own music.

      In addition to performing, Angela has been a mentor for the Lord Mayors Seniors Cabaret for the last 7 years and is the Singing Performance Coach at Conroys Performing Arts School.

      Songwriting with Caroline Hammond
      Any one can write a song, but if you want other people to appreciate it, you might have to learn their language — Pat Pattison, head of Songwriting & Poetry, Berklee College of Music, Boston

      I have been fortunate to have been able to attend a number of songwriting courses and master classes with inspirational teacher Pat Pattison over the last 10 years and have found his techniques so valuable in my own writing and look forward to sharing some of them with you in this workshop.

      In this informal setting we'll take a look at Object Writing, Phrasing, Engaging the 5 (or 6) Senses & setting some of these tools to work on your own songs.

      If you would like to delve into this world with me, please bring along a song of your own that you'd like to work on and we can look at it together. If you'd like to just sit and take it in, you are more than welcome as well.

      SATURDAY NIGHT CONCERT hosted by Sue Monk

      Voice of Spanish Speaking Women: An exuberant group of women from Brisbane's Spanish-speaking community who express themselves through song. Come and hear some of their favourite songs from across Latin America. [Facebook site]

      Caroline Hammond: A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of insight and earthiness. Artful, lyrical and evocative, Caroline draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, from blues to gospel, reggae, African ‘hi-life’ and coffee house folk.

      Fresh from a House Concert tour of South East Canada and North East USA, she is looking forward to sharing new songs from her upcoming recording project ‘The Grace of Gravity’.

      With acoustic guitar, ukulele and resonant voice as her vehicles, she will take you on a journey through life, loss, love and the magic of ordinary things, this is acoustic music to move the feet and the soul! [ตารางบอล พรีเมียร์ลีก 2019 วันนี้]

      Angela Toohey: Nationally renowned in Australia for her 20-year career in theatre and musical theatre, award-winning singer, songwriter and actor Angela Toohey has spent the last decade writing and performing her own music, with her debut CD, ‘No Ordinary Girl’, and a new CD due for release in November and another marked for 2020. She recently joined forces with folk/jazz/roots and rock guitarist and bass player Lex Weddell and earthy and dynamic drummer Danny Mclees. With Angela's world class vocals and powerful rhythm guitar, this combo delivers a lively, enthralling and mesmerising show. [website]

      Entry is $12 and $8 (concession) for each event. Weekend pass costs $30 / $20

      Cakes, savouries, tea and coffee available.


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